Yoga Retreat

Welcome to a place where your mind is Relaxed, Body is Renewed and Soul is Rejoiced. In a hectic sleep deprived world, Yoga is not just a practice, it is a lifestyle. Several countries have adopted and lived by it ever since. Apart from bringing about detoxification, Yoga also incorporates several health benefits, something the body of the modern human craves. In the chaos of establishing a loving family and attaining a well to do job, one barely has the time to lead a well- nourished lifestyle. A thirty-minute Yoga session is both enriching and fulfilling. The health benefits are plentiful. Yoga is also beneficial in fighting several diseases. The Pranayama exercises strive to cure asthma, several Yoga Asanas can help to contain cholesterol levels, induce good posture and elevate the body’s immunity. Yoga is a worldwide phenomenon and is widely practised in the modern world for its far-reaching properties. Yoga is an essential part of life for many who adore doing the Asanas and is being continuously.

“By practicing yoga, a spirit of oneness is created- oneness of the mind, body and intellect, oneness with our families, with the society we live in, with fellow humans, with all the birds, animals and trees with whom we share our beautiful planet.This is yoga. The strengthening and lengthening effects of yoga can improve mobility and function, helping the body to recover from physical injury, And the benefits for mental health can lead to improved sleep patterns and enhanced wellbeing, greatly improving your quality of life.

A typical day at our Retreat starts early morning with a meditation session where you get to experience one of many different styles of meditation which allows us to connect deeper with our inner landscape, gain clarity and inner calmness. This is followed by grounding practices in the garden and a morning yogic nasal cleanse ritual to clear our sinuses with the use of a neti pot and warm saline water. Many people report feeling more clarity, improved breathing and lightness as a result of this practice.

A morning yoga session follows which features pranayama breathing practice, dynamic sequences as well as static asanas. After breakfast you are free to indulge in our wellness activities which include aromatic steam bath, Himalayan salt foot bath, Abhyanga Therapy, and can roam around the city. In the afternoon you will be immersed in a sound bath with the use of gongs and singing bowls, a deeply profound and relaxing experience that is also healing by its nature. Following free time for relaxation in the afternoon you will experience the benefits of chanting as part of Bhakti Yoga practice - where we gather in a group setting, chant mantras and play various instruments bringing forth vibrant and uplifting energy for the rest of the day.

This is followed by the evening yoga program which is focused on flow with dynamic and more intense sequences and after this vigorous session you will be introduced to the practice of Yoga Nidra - a guided relaxation or yogic sleep which is deeply soothing and rejuvenating.


Connect with nature
Our yoga retreats take place in beautiful natural locations in Rishikeh. What a better way to get out of the hustle and bustle of city living than join our yoga retreat! You’ll be able to connect with nature on a deeper level, immersing yourself in your surroundings and taking advantage of them in a way you might not otherwise do.

Surround yourself with positive energy
One of the best benefits of going on a yoga retreat is taking a vacation full of positive energy! At our retreat, you’ll surround yourself with positive thoughts and feelings. No need to worry about any vacation stress, just embrace the positives vibes coming your way.

Find Healing
A yoga retreat can be healing for your mental and physical health. A yoga retreat can change your life, and help you to deal with any emotional and mental issues you may be having. It can also be healing for your body if you’ve experienced injury.

Deepen Yoga Practice
If you struggle to find time to practice yoga in your everyday life then the benefit of going on a yoga retreat is being able to practice every day without distraction. Even the most seasoned yoga practitioner can deepen their practice on retreat and aim to reach the next level.

Commit To Healthy Eating
The food you eat on retreat is chosen with care for your health and wellbeing. Going on retreat is an opportunity to eat well without having to worry about it yourself, and it’s a wellness habit you can take home with you.

Discover a new perspective
Attending a yoga retreat can give you a new perspective, whether it’s about your own life or through learning about a new culture. You never know what you can learn from others that can affect your future choices, or make you see your own circumstances in a different light.

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